What are Interacting Users?


Users who are defined as Interacting are well on their way to becoming a Social Seller, using the Artesian service. 

It is also important to remember that a key Social behaviour is talking to our connections by ‘phone and F2F meetings so these social opportunities to share should be added to any Artesian activity! 

Encourage these users to share their insights with customers, prospects and colleagues, using the Social Gestures available in the website and action centre from your alerts:

  • via Email directly with connections
  • share on LinkedIn and Twitter to raise the individual’s eminence
  • set reminders and arrange meetings to discuss valuable insights identified 

Internal collaboration is also key to encourage all users to adopt Artesian as part of their natural working rhythm

  • identify champions within your user community
  • direct Interacting users to them so they may exchange ideas and ways of working with the Artesian service.

Remind these users that Tutorials and Weekly Webinars are available as part of the Service.

For further information, support and to discuss any training requirements, please contact your designated Customer Success Manager or contact us here.

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