Add a Company to your Watchlist



Searching for companies in Artesian is quick and simple. To add a company to your watchlist:

  • Type the name of a company you wish to follow (or their Companies House number, for UK companies only) into the "Search for Companies" bar at the top of the page.
  • A list of companies which match your search will populate below (containing the first 15 results). You can click on any of these results to be sent to their company page.




  • Alternatively, you can click on the "Find more..." button at the bottom of this list or the magnifying glass in the search bar to view all results for your search on a new page.





  • From either an individual company's page or from the full Search page, click on the blue "Follow" button, then select which of your watchlists you would like to add the company to.



Can't find a company?

If the company you are looking for does not appear in a search, please click the "Can’t find it? Tell us!" button on the main search page. This will open up a popup box - please include any information that could be used to identify the company (such as their website, social media accounts, registered company name, address/postcode or any notable directors) in the Tell Us More text box, then click the "Tell us!" button to contact our Support team, who will use this information to find your company and add it to the desired watchlist on your behalf.


US - Additional Features

While viewing search results from the main Search page, US users will have the option to filter their results by state/province and number of employees. You can choose multiple options for both of these fields.





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