Add a Company to your Watchlist


Add a Company to your Watchlist

The ‘search for companies to follow’ tool is static and can be accessed from any page you are

browsing within the Artesian platform.

It is located at the top.



  • Type the company name or Companies House ID (UK Only) into the search tool
  • Select the company you want from the drop down list
  • Alternatively, select the magnifying glass to explore all search results
  • Click ‘Follow’ next to the company you want to follow
  • Select the Watchlist you would like to add the company to
  • If you can’t find the company you want to add please click the ‘Can’t find it? Tell us’ button








US - Additional Features

Within the US service you can help filter the search results by number of employees.  

This can help you identify the right company more quickly.



Once the search results are displayed you can also select from a range of filters on the left hand side

to help you identify the correct company.  You can choose more than one option.





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