The Data tab allows you to view general and financial information held on a company by Experian and Companies House. The page is split into 5 main categories:


General Information

Review for a snapshot of the following:

    • Companies House ID number
    • Contact information
    • Financial Overview
    • Industry SIC codes
    • DELPHI score (Experian financial rating)
    • Trading and Registered address
    • Company Family Tree and Subsidiaries



Detailed Finance

View the Accounts details, Bank and Auditor name as well as the last 4 years of:

    • Profit and Loss Statements
    • Balance Sheet
      • Liabilities
      • Shareholder Equity
    • Company Ratios and Disclosures





Details of the Shareholders in pie chart or tabular form:




Download Companies House Documents including:

    • Accounts
    • Annual Returns
    • Capital
    • All other (including change in appointments, address etc)




Mortgages and Charges

View the Mortgages and Charges details to understand any current or past dealings with financial institutions:

    • Debentures
    • Mortgages
    • All others (including deeds, agreements, fixed charges etc)

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