How often is company data updated in Artesian?


This depends on the type of data. Here is a summary:


  • Companies House documents
  • Mortgages and Charges
  • Shareholders information

Updated monthly:

  • Prospector data
  • General Company Information
  • Detailed Finances
  • Directors, Directorships etc (People tab)
  • Market Analysis

The Live company data is as up to date as Experian are. When they upload a companies house document, it would be available immediately through our platform.

The Monthly data is normally released between day 15 and day 20 of the following month; ie the data to 30th June is normally available on the platform by 15-20th July. This date will sometimes vary due to QA and data reconciliation checks - whilst data quality is down to Experian, Artesian perform a variety of checks before making it live.


How quickly will I see an update for a particular company?

Having monthly updates means that there is a gap between the data being registered with Experian and being made live in Artesian. 

The worst case would be that a company submits their data so that it is received by Experian on the first day of the month. In this case it could be 6-7 weeks before that data goes live in Artesian. The best case is 2 weeks.

Remember that Company House documents, Mortgages/Charges and Shareholdings are Live so would be available in Artesian immediately after being made available to Experian.

Note also that it is not mandatory for most companies to report new directors and shareholders until they submit their annual return, so this sometimes results in a further lag which is outside Experians control - If the company has not notified the authorities of changes, we will not know about them until they do.

Having said that, changes are often covered in the news so we would pick them up through the news or social media parts of Artesian.


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