I am in a Sales Support role, how can I assist my team?


Working in a Support role, easily manage Company lists, Watchlists and Insights for team members.

Sharing Watchlists

In a Support role, set up Watchlists including the Companies and filters then share the Watchlist with the Team Member. There are permission levels to allow the Team Member to add and delete items as well as subscribing them to email alerts.

This allows you to update and maintain the lists on behalf of the Team Member.


Community Tab

Use the Community Tab to share your lists with your Team Members. They can then add the Companies that are appropriate to them to their own Watchlists.

Set up lists of Companies, Prospects, Competitors and any other lists you want to share with the team.

This option allows the Team Member to have control over their Watchlists.


Sharing Insights

In a Support role, you can:

  • Share articles of interest with Team Members using the email templates
  • Compile Company Brief documents, printing or emailing them to the Team Member
  • Download Companies House documents


You can also find a Resource Guide dedicated to Sales Support in the How to Guides section of the Artesian Academy.

For information on how to access the Artesian Academy, please click here.  

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