How do I build a good Prospector list?


Building a list that matches your key prospecting criteria is easy with Artesian's Prospector.


Compiling your List

There are several ways to start compiling your list using the prospecting filters:


Apply geographic filters to identify your patch into Regions, Counties, Towns or Postcode. Filter to postcode: Area (eg EC), District (EC01) or Sector (EC01 1)

Always use the lowest level you need as to not dilute your responses.


Use Sector, SIC codes or Business Type to filter your list by the key industries you work across.

Using the more recent 2007 codes, type in the code (if you know it) or type in a key word that would be part of the SIC code you are looking for, then select from the list. If you don't know the code, review the Company Info tab of a company in the industry and see what SIC code to use.

Financial Data:

Identify companies within your defined financial requirements, the most popular are Turnover or Profit.

Use the pre-set increments or type in your own criteria, eg Turnover 5m - 20m.

Consider compiling a list of companies that aren't in your patch yet but may be emerging, keeping an eye on these may allow you to respond when they meet your criteria.

Business Size and Details:

Define your list by number of employees, age of business, business type or by bank or auditor.  

Age of Business is a great one to use if you are looking for start-ups, add this for 0-2 years for example.  

Credit and Risk:

Use the Delphi Scores and Star Ratings to identify companies with higher ratings which may be more likely to be in a position to take on new products and services.


Add the Companies directly to a Watchlist

Select the 'View Results' tab to review the list of companies by turnover, profit, employees or A-Z.

Select 'Follow' to add companies to your Watchlist and start receiving insights about them.


Export the Prospecting List to Excel

Export the list to Excel using the Companies List or the People List to sort and filter the details.  

The Company List has all of the company details and financials, the People List has the company details and those people registered at Companies House.


Save the Prospecting List

Save the list so you can quickly re-run and review the companies that match the criteria.

If you have a defined postcode patch, consider saving this as a Postcode Master and uses this as the basis of all of your prospecting lists. 



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