I'm an Account/Relationship Manager with a proportion of Business Development, what is the best profile set up?


Align your Artesian profile to your role to maximise the benefits you can gain from Artesian.

For roles that have account management and business development consider having Watchlists aligned to the different engagements you will have with your customers and prospects.

Set up some Watchlists for the Account Management part of your role and separate ones for the Business Development, assigning the filters to each list that will help with the key engagements you wish to have. 

For Account Management align your Watchlists:

  • To the industries or sectors you work across
  • To the regions you work across
  • By group, add the parent and subsidiaries to the same list to review the company at a group level
  • Consider tracking the company eco-system, eg their customers, competitors, suppliers etc. This will highlight their wins, challenges and impacts which will facilitate a deeper relationship with them


For Business Development align your watchlists to a tiered approach:

  • Hot Prospects - ones you are engaged with are trying to close the deal. Have broad filters on this Watchlist
  • Warm Prospects - ones you have been engaged with but don't have a strong opportunity at the moment, eg waiting for renewal. Have some filters that will allow you to have regular dialogue with them
  • Cold Prospects - ones you aren't engaged with, have 1-2 key engagement filters on this list to prompt the initial engagement
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