I'm a BDM, what is the best profile set up?


Align your Artesian profile to your role to maximise the benefits you can gain from Artesian.

For BDM roles consider having tiered Watchlists as below with different topic filters.

Consider having different filters on each list to assist you in responding to the different needs of your clients.

Hot Prospects should have the broader the filters, allowing you to have several engagement points while you are closing the deal.

Warm Prospects in a hold pattern or renewal cycle apply select filters to have regular touch points so they know you are thinking about them and they are important to you.

Cold Prospects/Suspects that you're currently not engaged with, apply 1-2 topics that will prompt the initial engagement so you can spend the time on them when there is a need to, allowing you to focus on your Hot and Warm Prospects.


Other options may be to align your Watchlists:

  • To the industries or sectors you work across
  • To the regions you work across
  • To the product/service you will pitch to them


You can also find a Resource Guide dedicated to New Business Specialists in the How to Guides section of the Artesian Academy.

For information on how to access the Artesian Academy, please click here.  


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