Why is my account not in the news?


So you clicked on the News tab and have received the message 'Sorry, but there aren't any stories to display at this time'. What do you do next?

Extend the Date Range

By default, the newsfeeds for your companies and watchlists are set to a date range of 30 days. While there has not been any news for your company within this time, you could try looking a little further back, up to a maximum of 60 days. You can update the date range filter temporarily while viewing a newsfeed by clicking on the "Sort Options" tab and choosing a different date range from the "30 days" dropdown menu.



You can change this setting permanently for an individual watchlist from the "Change Watchlist and Alert settings" menu on the Settings tab. In the pop-up box, change the option in the Date Range dropdown menu to the desired value, then press the "Save Options" box.




Is the Company 'Newsworthy' ?

If you know that the company you are monitoring has been reported in the press while you’ve been tracking them in Artesian but you’ve not received any news, it could be that our search algorithm needs tweaking. In this instance, please click the “Improve your Results” button and tell our Support team. They’ll review the company and make any required updates behind the scenes to ensure we aren't missing any relevant news articles.



Beyond News

Alternatively, it may be that the company you are tracking would only appear in the press sporadically; this is often the case for companies with a sub £1.5m turnover.

In this instance, you might want to check out the social media feeds on the Social tab or look at the Market News for a wider view of what’s happening in that company’s sector.

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