Why can't I find my company?


There are various reasons why your company may not have appeared in the list. Here are the top ten reasons below:
Have you spelled the company name correctly? 

Searching for 'Artseian' as opposed to 'Artesian' will bring up zero search results.
Are you typing the trading name or public facing name?

For example: 'Clarks Shoes' is recorded as 'C&J Clark Limited' in Companies House.
Are you overwhelmed with too much choice? 

When you're given the option of several companies which are all part of the same large organisation, choose the company with the greatest turnover. We recommend this so that you can see the most detailed financials reported to Companies House.
Do they have the same turnover value?

A search for "HM Revenue and Customs" will supply a long list of similarly estimated turnover values. As the news for each entry will be identical, the choice isn't too much of an issue. Unless the location of the office is integral to your business, simply select the top option.
When was the company created?

If the company you are searching for was incorporated within the last three months, we may not have received any corporate data for them yet. Newly registered companies will appear in Artesian within a couple of days of incorporation, but with minimal company information.
Is the company in liquidation, or has it been dissolved?

To provide you with valuable insights we only track 'active' companies. If the company has dissolved or is currently in liquidation, it will be deleted from our database.

Where is the company located?

At this time Artesian contains company information for businesses based in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States of America. The availability of businesses based in these nations in your Artesian profile is dependent on the country data packs included within your Artesian contract. We don't currently source company information for mainland Europe or other nations, and as such you will not be able to search for or follow them.

Is the company active but not actively trading?

If our data provider is not seeing a regular pulse from the company then it will be removed from the database because it would not be of value to users. One reason for this could be that it has not submitted accounts for several years.
If all else fails, do you know the Companies House number?

You can also search for companies in Artesian using their Companies House registration number. This is a good way to ensure an exact match for a specific company. Companies House registration numbers can be found on many companies websites, or by searching for them for free on the Companies House register.
What do I do if my answer isn't here? 

If you've searched for the company and none of the above sufficiently answers your question, click on the "Can't find it? Tell us!" button on the Search page in Artesian. Type in the details of the company you want to follow and we'll scan the net to see if we can find it for you.



Sometimes it can be hard to know whether you should be following one, many or all the companies in the search results. Most of the time the answer is one watchlist item per company because the news we deliver will be identical for each. However, there are cases where following multiple watchlist items is beneficial. A search for "virgin" brings back Virgin Mobile, Virgin Active, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Media, Virgin Rail and many other examples. In this situation it is worth adding all the various business units that are of interest to you. The news for Virgin Mobile will be completely different to Virgin Rail. Be sure to follow all business units you are aligned to.



If you are already following a company we will not delete it from your watchlist. The 'Data' tab will be greyed-out, but you will still be able to see news, blogs & tweets until you choose to delete it.

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