Identifying your Salesforce User ID


By linking Artesian to your Salesforce account, you are allowing insight from Artesian to appear within your Salesforce instance. Artesian cannot see or receive any confidential information from your Salesforce account as part of this linking process.


If your business uses Artesian integrated with Salesforce, you may be asked for a Salesforce User ID when requesting access to the Artesian service. This ID is a 15 character reference number that is unique to every user on your company's Salesforce instance.

You may not know what your Salesforce User ID is upon being asked this question, but you can find it out by completing the following steps:

  • Sign into Salesforce
  • Using the top search bar, type in your name (or the name of the person who is requesting access to Artesian), then click on the relevant person in the results.



  • This should open that person's Profile page. 
  • Copy and paste the web address into a notepad or a word document. (It will look like the below entry)



  • Using the above example: everything between ?u= and &tab= is the Salesforce User ID.

So in this instance the ID would be: 00520000005lgMk

 All User IDs start with 005.


An alternative to this (if you have the ability to run reports in Salesforce) would be to run a report of User IDs using the "User ID", which would provide this information for yourself or your colleagues as required.

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