What has changed in the new update?


A lot has changed in the Artesian experience as of our latest update - for the full list of new features please check out our upgrade blog post - here we will cover some of the less documented features that have changed or been removed.



The "Your Overview" landing page has been removed - when you log in to Artesian you'll now be sent straight to the Following page to the newsfeed of your default watchlist.



The Community page has now been moved to within the Add Companies wizard, under the "Copy from other lists" tab. To access it, you'll need to click on the "Add Companies" button while viewing any watchlist on the Following page. The functionality of this part of the service remains the same as it was under its previous name.



For more information on the Copy from Other Lists feature, please view this article.


Similar Companies

The "Similar Companies" data analysis graph previously displayed on the right hand side of a company's page has now been removed.


Company Timeline

You could previously view a timeline of corporate data changes logged for a company via the Timeline tab. This section has now been moved to the Data tab, where it can be found under the Timeline section.



Company Data 

For ease of browsing, the information on a company's Data tab has been condensed into several subheadings - these existed in the previous version of Artesian but are now minimised by default. You can expand these sections by clicking on them (as shown above).



The "Compare Sectors" and "Other News" pages within Markets have been removed.



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